About us

Absolutedolls is your one-stop shop for high quality, luxury sex dolls and robots in the market. Founded in 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, we have been the leading provider of extremely realistic, high-end sex robots to the entire world. With over six years if industry experience, we guarantee to deliver only the best quality products and services that will go beyond your expectations. Our sophisticated sex dolls have proven to be a huge hit in different places. With the goal of reaching more audiences who want to fulfill their sexual fantasies, we have established an online store, Absolutedolls designed to become your ultimate resource for the best quality sex dolls in the market. Our love dolls are second to none. They are completely realistic dolls both in their feel and movements. They are crafted to enable you to fulfill all your fantasies anytime you want, without limits. When you touch our dolls, you will never think that they are unreal people. At Absolutedolls we will ensure that our products will make your experience exciting, fun, pleasurable and erotic.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a way to express your sexual desires, but find no one to do it with, then take full advantage of our groundbreaking sex robots designed to help you fulfill your most sensual fantasies. We also guarantee the highest standards of service and hygiene. Our customers and their pleasurable experience is on top of our priority. For this reason, we provide only the best quality services unmatched in the industry. Each of our sex dolls and robots are meticulously designed to make your sexual experience as authentic, real and exciting as possible. So, what are you looking for? Take advantage of our outstanding services now!